Goodbye, Emily Owens

My slowing on the reviews even for things I wish to praise means that I didn’t get around to reviewing Emily Owens, M.D. before its cancellation was announced (although there are a number of episodes in teh can which will air). Here’s the nickel version: if the idea of Dr. Ally McBeal sounds at least interesting, then this show was well worth trying. Not perfect, not ground-breaking, but watchable and enjoyable and it deserved a longer run than it’s getting.

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Maryland! Maine! Washington!

What more needs be said?

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the elusive Animal Practice

If anyone out there is a fan of Animal Practice (I’m not), it’s cancellation seems to have been moved up a week, due to some Monday stuff being rescheduled for tonight in the wake of Sandy. However, it looks like the episode which was supposed to air tonight is available online here.

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