Somedays, we just don’t see the signs

So I’m walking by the pizza place, and I notice that the bright red CLOSED sign is lit up, which seems a little odd, because it is the noon hour. Yes, a Saturday, but still… so I check the HOURS sign, and it says that they’re supposed to be open at 11 AM. Then I peer inside, and yes, there are people at work there, and even customers there. So I stride in and quickly spot the manager.

Me: Hey, did you know your “closed” sign is on?
Manager: What do you mean? We’re open.
Me: Yes, I can see you’re open.
Manager: Right.
Me: But your sign says you’re closed.
Manager: What?
Me: Your “closed” sign.
Manager: We don’t have a “closed” sign.

I look over my shoulder, and even though the black backing is blocking the sign from my direct view, I can see the ED reflected in the window.

Me: Right there.
Manager: That’s our “open” sign.
Employee: It also says “closed”. (Walks over, flips a switch or two, changing the sign.)
Me: I just thought you should know, so people don’t think you’re closed.
Manager: Oh. Thanks.

I suppose that the free pizza that I deserve will come only in karmic payback.

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