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Marriage for nobody

While they watch their hopes for victory slide away, opponents of same-sex marriage have been working on a strategy, switching to a we-lost-but-we-were-proven-right strategy. You can see this in Ross Douthat’s column, where he explains that various declines in marriage in recent years are the fault of those who argued for legalizing same-sex marriage, and thus wrested it away from all its traditional moorings that made people desire it.

Of course, he misses that he and the other opponents have been spending all that time painting marriage in a horribly unenticing light – as something that exists solely to perpetuate responsible procreation, demanding that it was first and foremost a religious institution, and even when they were not simultaneously denouncing homosexuality, insisting that it was vital that this be a right that was denied them. Is it any wonder that this love-bereft vision of marriage as something that was not there to help the couple being married was unappealing to the younger generations who are ever less into organized religion and ever less into discriminating against homosexuals?

That’s the central lie of groups like the National Organization For Marriage – they aren’t for marriage. NOM was formed not out of any desire to support marriage, but by a desire to stop its availability to gay couples. Their goals are to prevent marriages and even to rescind them… and they’ve been willing to rip apart marriage and its protections to do so.

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