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I’m watching an episode of Goodwin Games with scenes with series regular Scott Foley talking to guest star Dave Foley. Had to look it up to make sure they weren’t related. Dave’s full name? David Scott Foley. Oh, the laughs they must’ve had on set! (Foley-comma-Dave’s exit line is brilliant.)

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One of the dilemmas faced in modern media is that there are so many outlets for everything, we feel the need to make product that can fit all those outlets, rather than creating a truly optimal experience in one. So our comics no longer have two page spreads, which worked fine in staple-bound format but are problematic in the trade collections; they no longer have hand lettering, which worked fine in original-language print formats but are less than optimal for digital editions, for foreign translations, and so forth; and there’s a move to complex pages which worked fine in print but are too detailed for the resolution of table-based viewing. Movies try to work in both 3-D IMAX and cell phone viewing. Netflix should be giving its original series the freedom from having fixed episode lengths, but someday, they may want to resell them

I was reminded of this when I finished watching The Hangover III the other day. This is the latest in the series of R-rated movies.

Except, well, it isn’t. Not really. The Hangover III is a PG movie, maybe PG-13 for suggested drug use… with an R-rated sequence only after the credits start rolling. Really, the main part lacks the nudity and the other vulgarity of the previous films. Why would they do that? My best guess, so they could show the whole thing on broadcast TV, just chop of the credit sequence (which TV likes to chop off anyway.) But is this for the good of the movie? You’d have to show me a better movie than this to convince me…

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