Playing House? More like Playing Home Run!

It’s been a while since I swore off reviewing everything that came on TV, which has proven to be wise because there is simply one ridiculous whateverload of new fiction TV coming on. Between the cable networks getting more aggressive and the streaming companies coming into play, there is now on average more than one new scripted TV series being released per day. I’d have to check, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more new prime-time and prime-timey series released in 2014 than there were in the entire 1960s. There is a lawwwwt of TV.

And I turned away from doing reviews in general for professional reasons; my business has come closer to Hollywood in some ways, and I don’t want a talented person whom I want to work with to stumble across that review of the last thing she did which I didn’t like as much as some of her other work. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot make an occasional recommendation, particularly for something that might be otherwise overlooked.

And thus: Playing House. No, this is not the Hugh Laurie biopic we’ve all been waiting for. Rather, its a USA Network sitcom that somehow reached season 2 before I had any hint that it existed at all. It is created by and stars two women whose other work I don’t know, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. A high-powered executive type returns to her small hometown to help her pregnant best friend. There’s various other good comedy folk brought in, whether it’s Keegan-Michael Key (whose series Key & Peele I’m only just discovering, yes I am late to some parties!) as a regular (cop/friendly ex-boyfriend), Jane Kaczmarek as a recurring mom, or various one-shot appearances.

This stuff is smart, and because they created it, the leads have a strong hold on the tone of the show, making it flow nicely.

The whole first season and what exists to date of the second can be watched online, if you don’t have this show in your On Demand. Try it, do!

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