New season summary

Well, I’m well off the run of reviewing everything, but for the new season, I will say that I’ve found two keepers so far: The Grinder, which features Rob Lowe as an actor coming off of a long run as a popular TV lawyer trying to bring his inappropriate skills to the family law firm, to the consternation of his brother, Fred Savage (oddity note: the dad is played by the same guy who played Savage’s dad on the sitcom Crumbs years ago.)

And very, very much Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, an hour-long musical comedy on the CW. It’s a bit cringe-y, for those allergic to such things, but ah, witty!

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Emmet Lego Movie badge costume

Emmet Lego Movie costume badge

For anyone else making their own Emmet costume (made it for my kid, I swear!), here’s an image I put together of Emmet’s badge from The Lego Movie. Click on it for the full resolution (4 inches wide at 300 dpi.)

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