A decade ago today…

…in front of a crowd on the lawn of a shabby mansion, amidst metal palm trees and with the delicate notes of La Cucaracha wafting in from someone’s car horn, a certain lady became Mrs. Nat’s TV. Congratulate her on her endurance in putting up with me for 10 years.

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Mrs. Nat’s TV, on her lunchtime home improvement shopping

“I was looking into windows, to see what’s out there.”

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Square thoughts

So Mrs. Nat’s TV and I are watching last week’s Flashforward, and there’s a character doing a police search for something who says “I’ve covered a five block radius, only three to go!”

And dadgummit, it was the Mrs. who noticed that. “Is that as crazy as it sounded?”

Yes. Yes it is.

For the math-imaired out there, if you’re searching an 8 block radius, and have so far searched a five block radius, you are not most of the way there. In fact, the amount of work that you have left is more than one-and-a-half times as much as the work you’ve already done.

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a reason I love Mrs. Nat's TV

“With an infinite number of numbers out there, it’s hard to believe that not one of them is called ‘kazillion’.”

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