I just realized that if the film I, ROBOT continues doing well, they’ll soon start filming II, ROBOT.

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Alf's back! And this time, not in pog form!

TV Guide informs us (as well it should) that July 7th brings us Alf’s Hit Talk Show a half-hour special with Ed McMahon, Dennis Franz, Drew Carey and (uggh) Joan Rivers.

This is one of the cool things about Alf. He reappears. And he does so in a way that most live-action characters cannot, returning over the course of decades without visibly aging. It may be kind of sad to see Lara Petrie looking fragile as she dances, and The Beaver may be Still The Beaver but he ain’t that young punk we all knew so well. But Alf is still Alf. Perhaps it helped that we didn’t meet him until he was 300-and-some years old.

I’ve always wanted to integrate Alf into another sitcom. Just add him working as, say, a bartender, so he can appear, offer a few of his trademarked bon mots, and disappear without any need to show him walking. Let the guy rest. He’s old.

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