A nomenclature suggestion

Many of you probably now that California used to offer same-sex marriage, but does no longer, although it does offer “domestic partnership” status. Slightly fewer of you may realize that California still recognizes all the same-sex marriages entered into during that period. Even fewer of you are likely to know that California recognizes as marriage all same-sex marriages entered into anywhere before California stopped granting same-sex marriages in November of 2008.
But the point that seems to have eluded many is that as of January 1st, California recognizes same-sex marriages entered into anywhere after it stopped granting such marriages… it just doesn’t recognize them as marriages. A couple who married in, say, Massachusetts in February 2009 and then moved to California would be granted all the state benefits and responsibilities of marriage, it just won’t be called a “marriage”. It won’t be called a “domestic partnership”, either, as that is technically a different relationship under the law.
So what is it called? It isn’t. The law gave no term for describing this status, and I’ve yet to see any such term arise in discussion.
And thus I’m making my bold move: I hereby propose that we call such arrangements “The Relationship Which Dare Not Speak Its Name”.

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