TV discussion I posted in the wrong place

Things that I was watching regularly, but our now cancelled: Bent, GCB (oh, come on, how am I supposed to not watch Annie Potts and Kristen Chenowith?)

Things I watched more than two episodes of, and are now cancelled: Alkatraz, Harry’s Law (really, never watched season 2), Breaking In, A Gifted Man (the only one of these I consider a loss), The Firm

Things that I thought I wold watch regularly, and maybe I’ll power through them during the summer and see if they catch me: Grimm, Once Upon a Time

The show that I didn’t think I’d like, but yes, and I stuck with it: Last Man Standing

The shows that I’ve been watching but not sure that I’ll watch next year: The Office,
(although if they start doing episodes about after the show has closed and people go on with their lives, yes, I’ll watch AfterSMASH.)

The show I’m still enjoying, but don’t think it’s a tragedy that it’s ending next year: 30Rock

Glad to see Scandal will get more episodes.

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