Randomy bits of stoopid stuff

  • Studio 60 just made a reference to “the guys who recorded ‘Pac-Man Fever'”… and I immediately burst out with “Buckner and Garcia!”. Ah, the stuff that clutters the brain. (I actually once almost bought one of the gold records issued for that record… it was at a flea market for $30 or somesuch. And I’ve been kicking myself for it ever since. It’d be cool to have a gold record, and that one would be specifically nerd cool.)
  • The L.A. Times mentioned an upcoming Fox game show entitled Who’s Smarter than a Fifth Grader? (or something like that.) It’s a quiz show, with all the questions being taken from textbooks for fifth graders or below. Might actually be fun.
  • I’ve just gone through A Bit of Fry and Laurie: Season One. Good stuff. British sketch comedy. Recommended if you like Monty Python, although it’s a bit more grounded, less flighty (and that’s both good and bad.) Also recommended if you like Fry and/or Laurie.
  • I likes TV!
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  1. Nat:
    As one half of the pair who brought you the immortal , “Pac Man Fever” song I am curious as to how we fit into the “Studio 60” scene you mentioned in your blog. And by the way, $30 for the gold record would have been a great deal since they cost $150 new.
    Jerry Buckner

  2. I emailed this response to Jerry Buckner

    First off: it’s a pleasant surprise hearing from you.

    To answer your blogged question:
    On last night’s Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (which as you may know is set backstage at a faux Saturday Night Live show), they did a lot of flashbacks to circa 2000, when a couple of the characters are just getting started. One character (Luke, who in current continuity is no longer with the show, but is chasing after actress Harriet, who has been on-again, off-again with now-head-writer Matt) is proposing doing a sketch about the world’s worst singing teacher, first mentioned around 24 minutes into the show.) At around 28 minutes into the show, there’s this exchange between Matt and Harriet–

    Harriet: What can I do for you?
    Matt: I had another idea for a sketch.
    Harriet: Luke pitched something that sounded pretty funny.
    Matt: Luke’s really good.
    Harriet: A singing teacher whose star pupils were the guys who recorded “Pac-Man Fever” in 1982.
    Matt: You could be funny with that.
    Harriet: What were you thinking?
    Matt: A different teacher.

    (That transcription is taken from the closed captioning; listening to the audio, it sounds like she’s saying “whose star pupils are the guys” rather than “were”.)

    The scene then continues with discussing the other sketch. It’s established within the flashback portion of the show that the singing teacher sketch does go on the air, and within the non-flashback portions of the show that those sketches are now written by Matt (as Luke is off on his film career.) No further references to your work, and what’s there isn’t very complimentary, I’m afraid.

    If there’s any more info I can give you, let me know!

  3. And Mr. Buckner ended up blogging a mention of my pointing him toward this stuff.

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